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Athletic Coaching Education Program

Designed for students with desire to coach athletes to improve knowledge, theories and application of coaching fundamentals to sport.

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Designed for entrepreneurs and small business enterprise.

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Regulatory Environment of Medical Devices and Implants

Provides life sciences workforce with knowledge and skills to enter or move up in the biomedical products industry.

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Computing and Network Management

Practical business oriented computing, systems and network management education.

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Paralegal Studies

An intensive program with practical orientation to apply knowledge in different fact situations.

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Build Your Future... Transform Your Life


Millard Fillmore College Class Schedule Fall 2018



UB's Millard Fillmore College (MFC) is recommitted to serving adult nontraditional students. MFC offers a full complement of credit and noncredit academic programs and opportunities for the adult learner. We offer credentialing programs, specialized workforce development and training opportunities, and lifelong learning programs. 


MFC is inspired by the University's vision for expansion and positive growth and by the innovative and creative partnerships with the academic and business communities that speak directly to the needs and interests of a diverse constituency.


Millard Fillmore College credentialing programs are developed in response to employment sector needs for the Buffalo Niagara region. MFC provides access and opportunity for continuing education and professional studies at the University at Buffalo and extend the University's programs and services throughout the Buffalo Niagara regional communities. Our programs offer flexibility, convenience, accessibility and affordability and academic credit for specific programs offered in life sciences, healthcare, human resources, technology, business and legal studies.


We encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to build your future and transform your life, and challenge you to set your sights on what can be ultimately realized by taking advantage of what UB's Millard Fillmore College has to offer.