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Athletic Coaching Education Program




About the program

The University at Buffalo-Millard Fillmore College Athletic Coaching Education Program is designed for students who have earned or are interested in earning a NYSED Temporary Coaching License. This program will also appeal to students and coaches who want to expand their knowledge and or obtain more in-depth information on specific coaching topics or areas through evaluation and application of current research. Courses contained within this coaching education program were selected and developed in accordance with the National Association for Sport and Physical Education -National Standards for Sport Coaches.


MFC offers two different pathways to meet NYSED requirements for Athletic Coaching Certification.

  1. UB Academic Credit Program (Current UB students and others who want to enroll to earn academic credit)
  2. Non-Credit Program (Anyone who do does not want to earn academic credit) 

** Noncredit courses cannot be converted to academic credit at a later date. Therefore it's very important that students make the right decision whether they should register for credit or noncredit courses.


NYSED Temporary Coaching License - Earn UB Academic Credit


MFC offers the required courses and mandatory training required by the New York State Department of Education to meet NYSED Temporary Coaching License Requirements. Click here to view NYSED Athletic Coaching Temporary License Requirements


NYSED Temporary Coaching License - Enroll for Non-Credit Courses

The University at Buffalo’s Millard Fillmore College, is excited to announce and begin offering a NEW Non-Credit, New York State Education Department (NYSED) Athletic Coaching Program. This hybrid (online and in person) coaching program was designed to meet and exceed the NYSED requirements needed to be able to apply for a Temporary Coaching License and will also help meet, the New York school districts need, for certified coaches. 


Mandated NYSED trainings and workshops must be completed prior to applying for your Temporary Coaching License (TCL).  We also offer these workshops and trainings as part of this curriculum for an additional fee to the service provider, as an option to meet all requirements in one place.


Click on this image to download UB MFC Athletic Coaching Education brochure:


NYSED Certificate of Completion

Upon successful completion of required courses (credit or noncredit) students will receive an official NYSED Certificate of Completion for each required course. Students must submit a request to the program director to receive NYSED Certificate of Completion for each course.


Students must be aware of the following prior to submitting the NYSED application for Temporary Coaching License:


  • All NYSED mandated coaching courses, trainings and workshops, must be completed prior to submitting application for temporary coaching license.
  • NYSED makes final decision of who is eligible to earn their temporary coaching license based upon information supplied by the applicant.

Why Consider This Program

This program is designed for students with the desire to coach athletes to improve knowledge, theories and application of coaching fundamentals to sport. These two programs are open for enrollment to current UB students, high school coaches, youth coaches, sport trainers and persons interested in gaining knowledge about coaching athletes.Successful coaches know that training and teaching athletes from young to elite is both a science and an art. It is imperative that coaches have a solid understanding of the training exercises and the experience to implement that knowledge. Society is becoming more aware of the need for qualified and certified individuals in the sport arena.


Career Path Ideas In Athletic Coaching

Click the following link to view possible career paths for athletic coaches. Career Path Ideas in Athletic Coaching Education


About Our Faculty

Our faculty are New York State certified physical education teachers, coaches, athletic and strength trainers, health-care professionals and/or athletic administrators with advanced education degrees. Faculty teach in their specialized area of expertise in athletic coaching.



For additional information or questions:


                                                                       Joseph D. Muscarella, M.S.Ed., CRSS

                                                                       Director of Athletic Coaching Program

                                                                       Millard Fillmore College

                                                                       The State University of New York at Buffalo

                                                                       UB Downtown Gateway

                                                                       77 Goodell St., Suite 207

                                                                       Buffalo, New York 14203-1243


                                                                       Office: (716) 829-3387

                                                                       Fax:      (716) 845-6399