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What is distance Learning at UB's Millard Fillmore College?


UB's Millard Fillmore College defines distance learning as any formal approach to learning whereby the instructor and learner are separated by time and/or distance. All MFC distance learning courses are offered as web-based courses that require students to have computer and Internet access.


What do I need before I can start a web-based course?

Distance learning web-based courses are taught via the Internet using UBlearns... the University at Buffalo's course management service. To participate in a web-based course you must have access to the Internet and computer access. Click on the following link to review UB recommendations for minimum hardware and software standards to get the most from your learning experience: 




Student Computer Access - UB provides state-of-the-art technology allowing students, faculty and staff to access campus resources and the Internet. Although UB does not charge a user fee for access to campus technology resources, students should check with their Internet Service Provider regarding type of internet access provided, rates and access to technical support/help desk when needed



Creating "Virtual Classrooms"


Web-based courses are the fastest growing approach to distance learning. Millard Fillmore College offers credit and noncredit courses via the Internet. This method of distance learning instruction allows you to take a course when it is most convenient for you through an Internet-linked computer.


Diversity of Course Subjects


MFC web-based courses are offered in a variety of topics and and programs including (but not limited to) Technology, Health Care, Life Sciences, Business and Legal Studies. MFC Credentialing Programs include Athletic Coaching Education, Computing and Network Management, Entrepreneurship, Paralegal Studies and Regulatory Environment of Medical Devices and Implants (REMeDI). Please note that some courses may not be available as web-based courses depending on instructor availability and scheduling sequence. Please consult the MFC Class Schedule and MFC Course Descriptions on this website for a complete list of credit and noncredit courses offered through distance learning.


Am I ready for distance-learning?


Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I self-motivated?
  • Can I work on my own without frequent supervision?
  • Do I have enough time to take a distance-learning course? (Some classes may require scheduled online time.)
  • Am I computer literate?
  • Do I have the proper equipment (a computer with modem or Internet Service Provider)?


Do you have questions about distance learning through MFC?  Still uncertain if distance learning is right for you? We will be happy to answer your questions and discuss any concerns you may have about distance-learning.


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