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Is Millard Fillmore College a hospital?
No, Millard Fillmore College is a part of the University at Buffalo. Millard Fillmore College is often confused with Millard Fillmore Hospital (now closed), Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital, and other local organizations similarly named after the 13th president of the United States-Millard Fillmore.

Is online learning for me?
It may be. Some students prefer traditional seated classes, while others thrive on studying through the Internet. If you have a good Internet connection from your place of study, are motivated and self-disciplined, and can set aside a certain amount of time each week to successfully complete a course, online learning is for you.

Do MFC courses count toward a UB degree?
Yes. Millard Fillmore College courses taken for academic credit can be applied as free electives toward a UB degree.

Do Ed2Go courses count toward a UB degree?
No. Ed2Go courses are non-credit and cannot be applied to meet requirements for a UB degree.

Can I earn a degree through Millard Fillmore College?
No. MFC discontinued associate's and bachelor's degrees in 2001. MFC awards certificates of completion upon successful completion of our credentialing programs.

In what areas can I earn a certificate of completion?
Presently, MFC offers credentialing programs in these areas: Athletic Coaching Education, Computing and Network Management (Tracks I, II, and III); Entrepreneurship; Paralegal Studies; and Regulatory Environment of Medical Devices and Implants (REMeDI).

Why is a certificate of completion valuable?
Undergraduate students at UB use certificates to earn a credential beyond their degree, enhance their resume, and nontraditional students use certificates to demonstrate ability in a field, or to prepare for new career opportunities.

How do I sign up for a credit course?
Visit the UB Office of the Registrar website: UB Office of the Registrar

What is the cost of MFC courses?
See the UB Student Advisement, Resources and Financials Services website: Student Advisement, Resources and Financial Services


Can non-UB students take MFC courses?
Yes. Just fill out the non-matriculated student form on the UB Office of the Registrar website to begin the registration process.

Is there an online tutorial for studying online with UBlearns?
Yes. There Help at the following webpage: UB Learns Tutorial.

Can I work "at my own pace"?
No. You cannot take long "vacations" from your online course. Your instructor will specify deadlines for readings, quizzes and exams in her/his syllabus. You must adhere to those deadlines.

Can I complete coursework when it is most convenient for me?
Yes. Online courses are suited for students who are busy with work, family, and activities. The internet is open 24 hours a day, so coursework can be completed at any time during the day or night.

I've finished my coursework. How do I obtain a certificate?
Once you have finished all of your coursework, you may obtain the certificate of completion request form by clicking here. Please complete the form and mail or FAX it to address and telephone numbers are listed on the form. Please allow two weeks for processing.


May I substitute an equivalent course taken at another university or college?

Yes, but only one course may be substituted for a UB course per each credentialing program. Contact Millard Fillmore College for details at (716) 829-3131 or Email: