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Practice Facilitator Program
Practice Enhancement\QI

Course ID#: PFC 901
CEUs: 8.5
Course Description:


Practice Facilitator Program

Course ID#: PFC 901

CEUs: 8.5


Course Description:

The UNIVERSITY at BUFFALO, Millard Fillmore College (MFC) is a leading academic group in HealthCare innovation and delivery models.


The program designed by national experts for Practice Facilitation delivers quality accessible HealthCare for our nation's citizens, which is one of the most serious challenges we face as a society today. As HealthCare becomes more complex and costly, effective planning, organizational effectiveness, and the monitoring of patient outcomes becomes increasingly critical. Several of the core focuses of this program include; team building, expertise in quality improvement, and the use of best practices.



The level of transformation available is unprecedented and the need for assistance is great. 



  • Presently, many physicians are transitioning to electronic medical records which reconstruct offices into "Medical Homes" and collaborates Accountable Care Organizations.
  • HealthCare reform efforts such as, the Affordable Care Act, are the forefront of change in medical practices today.
  • Practice Facilitation has been proven to enhance change in primary care practices by focusing on building organizational capacity for continuous improvement.
  • Instructed by a professional with executive and educational experience, along with national experts in healthcare as guest speakers.
  • This is a web-based program requiring internet and computer access. Featuring live video seminars scheduled weekly and local internships at certified sites.
  • Funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ).


What is a Practice Facilitator?

  • These are individuals who develop a strong relationship with medical practices over time in order to help them to evaluate and improve their quality of care.
  • Practice Facilitators (PF's) can also be referred to as Quality Improvement Coaches, Practice Enhancement Assistants, Practice Education and Resource Coordinators, Community Health Advocates, or Practice Coaches.
  • One primary function of a PF is to improve overall clinical and administrative processes. This can be completed in various ways such as; performance evaluation, surveyed feedback, patient satisfaction surveys, clinician/ staff training in quality improvement methods, team building, disseminating best practices, coordination of quality improvement initiatives, and provision of specific materials and resources (flow charts, computer training, etc.).
  • A PF can also function as a research assistant for either the practice or for a Practice Based Research Network (PBRN).
  • External facilitators function as intermittent members of the practice through business associate agreements.  
  • Internal facilitators serve as the quality improvement coordinators within the practice. 


Who is This Program For?

  • State/ local health agencies or organizations.
  • Quality improvement organizations (QIOs).
  • Area health education center (AHECs).
  • HITECH regional extension centers (RECs).
  • Practice-based research networks (PBRNs).
  • Primary care associations (PCAs).
  • Accountable care organizations (ACOs).
  • Chartered value exchanges (CVE).
  • Large healthcare systems.
  • Insurance companies.

...and anyone else interested in improving the quality of United States HealthCare.


- Total Hours (85.5)

- 13 Weeks @ 1.5 Hours per Week

- 40 Hours Field Work Practicum 

- 26 Hours Reflective Learning


Tuition: $4,000*

(*Financial Assistance Available, must meet eligibility guidelines)

Rebate: $1,000 Certified Sites



Phone:            716.829.3779

Start Date:9/12/2018
End Date:12/5/2018
Register By:9/19/2018
When:Wednesdays, 3:30 -5:00 p.m. Eastern Time

This is a "live" broadcast online course that requires computer, headset with microphone and Internet access.
Fee:$ 4,000.00
Location:On-Line Course
Instructor:Franke, Linda